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Shuoer Lai

Director of Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our blog for more information on the Chinese import cross-border market and selling products in China.

We do not have strict restrictions on the brands and product categories we collaborate with.

Currently, we are working with various product categories, including women’s care, personal care, food, and cleaning products.

As long as you are a high-quality overseas brand or product, we will help analyze your sales potential and brand advantages in the Chinese market, and together, we can expand your sales volume in China.

The best way to enter the Chinese market depends on several factors, such as your product category, target audience, and business goals.

However, establishing partnerships with local partners and utilizing e-commerce platforms are the most common and effective strategies.

1. Discuss with us the collaborative pricing of your product.

2. Provide us with the necessary certificates for selling your products in China.

3. Ship your products to China.

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Mireille Curve

959 Mireille Curve
Lake West Rudyberg

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Keeley Avenue

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New Noemiebury

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